IT Procurement Services

Procuring the right IT hardware, software and licenses can be an incredibly stressful experience, especially when it goes wrong.
We are unique as we provide our customers with a completely transparent, vendor-neutral approach to IT procurement.

That means that we do not look to make any margin off your technology purchases and we are not driven by meeting vendor targets. Instead, we pass on any discounts directly to you in a completely transparent way. We do this because we are interested in your long-term success, which means that we are more interested in ensuring that you get the right solutions for your specific business needs.

With a consultative approach, we advice our clients impartially following it up with a seamless as well as fully business-aligned procurement service that is also cost-effective. This ensures that our clients get the budget-friendly technology they require on time.

We can procure a full range of IT products for you, including, but not limited to:

The confidence that you are getting the best advice and technology for your business needs. When you know that our only focus is your success, you know that we would only source the best technology for your needs, based on your budget. We are not there to up-sell or recommend any products based on an increased margin or any particular vendor promotions.

Our economies of scale and strong vendor relationships:

We are vendor-neutral, but we also have the opportunity to procure a lot of hardware and software from an array of leading vendors for our customers. We use our economies of scale and our strong vendor relationships to source hardware and software quickly, dealing with any issues efficiently with expert knowledge and better support.

Our value-added services, such as our in-house pre-configuration service:

IT Procurement is more than just delivering boxes on time and for an agreed cost. We can add value to the process by testing and pre-configuring equipment for you, shortening the time needed on site and making the entire process more seamless.

Our fully transparent pricing and passing on of any vendor discounts:

We are happy to show you our cost prices and demonstrate that we are not making any margin off the procurement of IT hardware and software. If we receive any additional vendor discounts, we automatically pass them on to you.

A seamless service, with next day delivery and package tracking on most items:

No boxes left around, but delivery coordinated with installation, including computers pre-configured on arrival if required. No mess or disruption.

Our licensing knowledge and experience:

Licensing can be a minefield. Take advantage of our extensive experience and the knowledge built up working with a variety of customers to remain compliant as a business and get the most out of your software.