Hybrid Cloud Services

Hybrid cloud in simple terms is the combination cloud structured with one or more private and public clouds. This kind of cloud computing provides greater range of flexibility as organizations can choose what set of applications reside in public cloud and what set in private cloud.

Hybrid cloud operates no different than how a private cloud or public cloud works independently. Its operability depends on the how seamless private cloud and public cloud are connected to form a hybrid cloud.

Benefits of hybrid cloud:

  1. Increased security by eliminating the risks as the data to be protected is limited to private cloud.
  2. Increased flexibility as organizations can segregate secured applications towards private cloud and others towards public cloud.
  3. Increased control as organizations can decide the environments specific to their business needs.
  4. Reduces maintenance overhead when compared to private cloud that is maintained on premises.

Healthcare providers and financial sectors are couple of examples that hybrid cloud best fits for. Hence, any enterprise that requires data to be protected should opt for hybrid cloud.

At ACRO IT solutions, we believe that no one solution fits for all and hence possess the expertise to mix and match the environments to form an appropriate cloud that suits best for your enterprise.