DevOps Services

What is Devops ? The term Devops originated as it mainly deals with two particular teams, software development team and the IT operations team. But why is there a need for one? In an era where an application software is an integral part of a business and contributes to the majority of its success, it is obvious that one concentrates on continuous improvements on how a software is built.

From a traditional waterfall method to the almost efficient agile methodology, software development approach has always tried to fill the gaps better than its predecessors. However, the lack of interoperability between the development team and the operations team existed in all these phases, which paved the need for a specific devops approach.

What devops does that other previous methods did not do, is to roll the application continuously throughout its phases, with both the teams liaising frequently. In traditional waterfall, code is developed only when requirements freeze, testing starts once code is entirely developed, bugs are fixed, and deployment is initiated after successful testing. Agile methodology has set an interval such as two weeks to develop code parts, test and deploy, which to a major extent has paced the delivery of an application. This had almost bridged communication between customers and developers; however, pitfalls between developers and operations team still exist. With DevOps, utilizing certain efficient tools, it is possible to continuously develop, test, fix bugs, and deploy code thereby delivering a software application like never before.

For businesses opting for devops, ACRO IT solutions makes it a cakewalk to choose among the numerous tools and technology stacks. These tools not just help automate the manual overheads, but also ensure the safer and accurate deliverables. Tools to name a few are GIT, SVN, Ant, Maven, Jenkins, Docker, Vagrant, Splunk.

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